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Batting Cages in Hudson County, NJ

Baseball Coaching Hudson County, NJ

When you're looking for more than just batting cages, The Hudson Baseball Center has got you entirely covered.  For Hudson County, NJ residents that want to work on their game during the off-season, it just doesn't get any better than this indoor baseball facility.  Dial (201) 351-2264 today and schedule your next set of private baseball lessons.

Summer discounts are now extended through September.  Includes 40% off 1-hr batting cage rentals!

Centrally located at 2300 Summit Ave in Union City, New Jersey, Hudson Baseball Center (HBC) is the only year-round indoor instructional baseball facility for baseball & softball in the area.  The HBC also caters to all of North Jersey, Hudson County and New York City.  This cutting-edge instructional facility offers professional quality private baseball lessons in hitting, fielding and pitching.  Their lessons will also allow developing ball players to enhance the mental portions of their game.  With the help of the HBC, any aspiring player can achieve their maximum potential!

Batting Cages Hudson County, NJ Offering quality softball coaching.

Hudson Baseball Center also offers softball coaching to help players brush up on old skills and train for the upcoming season.  If you are a softball player, you will love the softball coaching available for players of all ages.  Stop in and try out our indoor batting cages.  Once you try it, you'll want to come back!

Hudson Baseball Center is a great place to receive private baseball lessons and more.  Whether you are just starting out in the sport or need some one on one lesson to improve your game, instructional baseball lessons from Hudson Baseball Center is a great option.  Stop by and play a few games with us.

Click here to learn about our all-new travel teams.  Tryouts coming soon!

The entire staff at the Hudson Baseball Center is comprised of top-quality College and professional ball players and coaches.  These professionals have spent extensive amounts of time around the diamond, and will allow your game to flourish! The HBC staff is entirely dedicated to teaching the importance of a solid fundamental foundation, which is essential for all the physical and mental aspects of baseball.  Thanks to a cutting-edge "bottom-up" instructional philosophy, softball coaching and baseball coaching has never been more effective.  The HBC crew stresses the importance of thinking, discipline & a strong work ethic; each of these elements ultimately combines to create a physically-strong and mentally-tough young baseball player!

Indoor Baseball Hudson County, NJ

HBC offers private baseball lessons for all levels of ability.  Whether you are someone pursuing baseball or softball seriously, or just a casual player who enjoys the game and wants to get some swings in, HBC can be of great service.  The Hudson Center stands as the only indoor baseball facility throughout the greater Hudson County region, and offers unrivaled lane and facility rentals for individuals, teams & separate groups.  When the weather outside begins to get a little rough, simply dial (201) 351-2264 or visit the Hudson Baseball Center homepage.  Get those hacks in all year long!

The Hudson currently provides "off hour" facility rentals to soccer/futbol clubs and other sports teams.  Their innovative batting cages are additionally always available for use!

Each series of private baseball lessons at the Hudson Baseball Center are spread out over the course of four weeks.  Additionally, the first clinic of every series will be introductory, so that students can get a feel for the facility and each of the talented Hudson baseball coaches.  After these first-timers take part in their introductory clinic, they're then free to utilize every facet of the center to gain unrivaled results!

Browse the following sections, and learn more of the separate age groups and instructional baseball clinics currently offered by Hudson...

Instructional Baseball Hudson County, NJ It costs just 20 dollars per hour for each ball player that attends an instructional baseball clinic at the Hudson Center.

Age Groups

  • 7-10
  • 11-13
  • 14-16
  • 17 & Up

Current Baseball/Softball Clinics (Every Saturday-All Year Long!)

Pee Wee Clinics

  • 5-7Private Baseball Lessons Hudson County, NJ Year Olds
    Saturdays 11am-12pm
  • 7 & 8 Year Olds
    Saturdays 9-10am
  • 9-11 Year Olds 
    Saturdays at 10-11am
  • Soccer Clinics for 5 to 13 Years Old Starting Monday Sept. 15
    Ages 5-7: 4-5pm
    Ages 8-10: 5-6:30pm
    Ages 11-13: 6:30-8pm

Always offering 4-6 rotating instructional baseball stations, which include:

  • Hitting
  • Infield
  • Outfield
  • Base Running
  • Bunting
  • Throwing (Younger Ages)
  • 1 hr. scrimmage

Softball Coaching Hudson County, NJ Those that currently live in Hudson County, NJ never have to suffer through a boring off-season again! If you're a baseball player looking to develop your game, there are no more excuses.  The Hudson Indoor Baseball Center offers the quality baseball coaching and batting cages that will allow your game to take a massive leap.  Just pick up the phone and dial (201) 351-2264 the next chance you get.  Gain access to the finest private baseball lessons and softball coaching the region has to offer!

Products & Services

Weekly 1hr Hitting Clinics TBA

Every Series of Clinics Will Be 4 Weeks Long

First Clinic Of Every Series Will Be Introductory

First Timers Must Take Part In Introductory Clinic Before Continuing

• Dates & Times (TBA)
• $20/Player/1hr
• Age Groups
• 7-10
• 11-13
• 14-16
• 17 & Up
• Winter Specialized Clinics-Price & Dates TBA
• Hitting
• Infield
• Catching
• Pitching

Summer Clinics:

• July & August
• Monday-Friday 9am-Noon
• Start with an active warm up
• 4 to 6 Rotating Stations
• Hitting
• Infield
• Outfield
• Base Running
• Bunting
• Throwing (Younger Ages)
• 1 hr. scrimmage
• Pee Wee League Clinics TBA
• 4 to 6 years old TBA

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